Made with IBM is a brand platform about the surprising and interesting ways that organizations are creating value today. Working with Ogilvy & Mather, I created several looping animations for IBM's Tumblr page based on four key technologies that Made with IBM couldn't exist without.

"It’s all about speeds and feeds. It’s about latency. How fast will it run? I’ll often sit with businesses who ask me about how mission critical is the performance of the cloud? And I tell them, if you can make a gamer happy, you can make anybody happy."

Caleb Barlow (IBM Security Expert)

"In a social business you’re empowered to make better decisions. You’re able to solve the whole problem because you have access to all the pieces of the puzzle."

Andrew Grill (IBM Global Business Partner)

"We can’t know what future technologies will be, but we can lay the groundwork and spur our imaginations and get a head start in exploring these new worlds."

Christopher Lutz (Scientist at IBM Research)

"The connected car will give a lot more intelligence and visibility to drivers. The usage of a car will be much more different, based on the cloud. The car will do what you want. You can play, sleep, drive, be productive in the car, and this will be a totally different place to commute and to be mobile."

Gerhard Baum (IBM Auto Industry & Cloud Expert)

"It was a dream for me once to become an astronaut. I think I’m happy that I didn’t. As opposed to the dream which I had as a child, I’m now building things which allows us to go much deeper in space than an astronaut will ever be able to get."

Ton Engbersen (IBM Big Data pioneer)

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